My #MeToo Stories

In light of the viral #MeToo movement, Rachel Brathen dedicated her weekly podcast to her own #MeToo stories. #MeToo It baffles me how much I could relate to these stories. Moments when us women are uncomfortable by a man and we freeze. We go through the steps in our minds but our voices say nothing. We […]

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Children of alcoholic parent(s)

What is it like to grow up with an alcoholic for a parent? It’s tough. Recently I’ve realize I have unresolved issues from my experiences with addiction and substance abuse. These issues are deeply affecting my current relationships, so I need to take the time and write about my experiences. I need reflection. Growing up […]

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81 Reasons to Be Alive

When I was younger I tried to take my own life, more than once. I ended up in the hospital. In a psychiatric ward. I didn’t receive counseling afterwards, which could have been a pretty grave mistake since I considered trying again many times afterwards. Luckily, my empathy saved me every time. I couldn’t leave […]

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Mixed State for Bipolar II

Mixed states. Apparently this isn’t a thing for bipolar II, at least according to the DSM-IV. But, this feels very real. This is the only thing I can really relate to in over a week. The only thing that makes complete sense. I haven’t felt comfortable saying “I’m having an episode” because I couldn’t figure out what the episode actually […]

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I’ve been doing some reflecting on alcohol’s role in my life after a couple recent events. Right now, I feel disgusted by it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on drinks that are bad for my body. Drinks that inhibit my ability to control my body, to critically think, to function. Drinks that destabilize my mood […]

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Two extremes

I forgot to take my medication last night. I woke up and thought “it’ll be fine, it’s just one pill.” I spent the morning hanging out with my kid, enjoying coffee, driving to daycare, and day dreaming about marrying my girlfriend. We’ve only been together for a year and have no plans of marriage, yet I’m […]

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