I’ve been doing some reflecting on alcohol’s role in my life after a couple recent events. Right now, I feel disgusted by it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on drinks that are bad for my body. Drinks that inhibit my ability to control my body, to critically think, to function. Drinks that destabilize my mood […]

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Two extremes

I forgot to take my medication last night. I woke up and thought “it’ll be fine, it’s just one pill.” I spent the morning hanging out with my kid, enjoying coffee, driving to daycare, and day dreaming about marrying my girlfriend. We’ve only been together for a year and have no plans of marriage, yet I’m […]

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Missing someone next to you

Three words “I miss you” As I can feel your body heat next to mine  I hear them said with such desperation You mean them entirely But here I am, physically close.  “I miss you” I know exactly what you mean You miss the “real” version of me The one that is happy,  Always excited […]

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Hypomania or Happiness?

I’m back on medication, and the difference was noticeable from day one. I was already in a depressive state, and somehow I was able to rise out of it. Day one: Getting out of bed was easy. The day didn’t seem to dark. And I found things to talk about. Day two: I exercised (just […]

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